LikeCoin chain Proposal #8: Reduce the barrier of proposal (deposit threshold)


中文:LikeCoin chain 議案 #8:降低提案門檻(押金)


Although proposal #4 (bigdipper/ipfs) has allowed direct democracy (i.e. allow individual LikeCoin stakeholders to raise/vote proposals), the current proposal barrier is still quite high.

The current deposit threshold is 1,000,000 LIKE (which is more than 12,000 USD now), and we believe that a lower deposit threshold should be better for LikeCoin chain governance.


Decrease minimum deposit for proposals from 1,000,000 LIKE to 100,000 LIKE (10% of current value)

Note that the unit in proposal is nanolike (10^-9 LIKE)

Expected results

  • Proposals will become much easier in terms of the money.
  • More people will participate in the governance.


儘管第四個提案 (bigdipper/ipfs) 已經允許直接民主(即允許個人持有者提出議案並且針對議案投票),目前的提案門檻仍然很高。

目前要提出提案,必須要有 1,000,000 LIKE 的押金(也就是超過現值 12,000 USD),我們相信一個更低的押金門檻,對 LikeCoin chain 的治理來說會更有益。


將目前的最低押金門檻從 1,000,000 LIKE 降低到 100,000 LIKE(目前的 10%)

註:提案的單位是 nonolike (10^-9 LIKE)


  • 提案將會更容易(從金錢的門檻來看)
  • 將會有更多人參與治理
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